Sunday, July 31, 2011


Firstly, an apology to my devoted - dare I say obsessive - readers who have been sitting at their computers hitting refresh on this site over and over for the past two weeks.

I've been overtired and rarely had the spare time and coherent brain function for blogging. This is the third week of my internship and although my shifts at (paid) work have finally dropped off, it's also my first week back at uni since I took that little break... oh, a year ago.

And sorry to those people of the real world who probably think of me as Flaky McBadfriend at the moment. I will return all your texts eventually. Hopefully.

Blog posts will probably become less frequent during the semester since I really am a very low-energy sort of person and will be setting aside additional time for napping forthwith.

I've noticed in the past that periods of me not blogging have coincided with periods of me not smiling very much. When I'm struggling with negative emotions I usually have real trouble funneling my thoughts into interesting and reasonably-written prose. I still read, but I can't process. And to be honest I think I'm in one of those periods now. I mean, I'm quite busy, but it's not distracting me from the fact that I feel gloomy and vague a lot of the time.

It's been a couple of weeks. Historically, this is about the time it usually passes. So, if we're lucky, there will be more chattery pointlessness in this space soon. Yay! We love chattery pointlessness!

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